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2020 Vision: The persistence of Memory

Potters of the Wind Rivers

Potters of the Wind Rivers (POWR) was established on April 21, 2010 to promote the ceramic arts within our region, and to establish a network of artists for communal support and outreach for the purpose of education. POWR now has 13 active members who meet monthly. Current activities include critique of member's artwork, demonstrations of specific techniques by our members, pooling of resources for obtaining and maintaining supplies, establishment of a presence within our area through teaching both adult and children's classes as well as establishing a marketing protocol, advancing artist recognition and exhibition opportunities. POWR also sponsors visiting ceramic artists for workshops and classes, available to the general public as well as POWR members. We also share resources such as kiln firings, and are active in charitable endeavors such as Empty Bowls. 

2020 Vision: The Persistence of Memory

The artists of POWR present a group exhibit of their work to further engage the public with the ceramic arts, both as a functional and sculptural medium. The exhibit title, "2020 Vision: The Persistence of Memory", is in part a title borrowed from Salvador Dali's famous surrealist painting of the same name. By its usage, we hope to create works that evoke memories of past periods in art history and/or the history of ceramics by looking back- with 2020 vision- during this notable year and examining the past with visual clarity. 

"The primary material of ceramic art, clay, connects our human experience from our local communities to distant places, and times long past. Clay's receptivity to human touch carries the hands of distant and past makers into the here and now. Ceramic art's diversity of expression and continuous invention generate affinities that extend the human imagination." In this, POWR's tenth anniversary year, "We will explore ways that ceramic artists are charting new pathways from the complex meanings of our interwoven histories."

Each artist has chosen a specific historical era or genre in art and will respond to the art created during that period with visual perspective from the year 2020. For example, one artist might respond to the Abstract Expressionist period while another might reference pre-Columbian art as inspiration. 

We also plan to establish a tradition as a way of re-examining our own past work. In this case, from 2020 to 2018. To achieve this, we will re-introduce an exercise utilized in our last group exhibit, "The POWR of Multiples". In that exercise, each artist was given the same plaster mold to use as a base to create profoundly different works of art. In this case, another plaster mold will be used, and the works created from it will reflect the art era referenced by the artist in other work to exhibited here. 

The following artists represented: 

Monika Andrews

Deborah Britt

Shawna Cargile-Pickinpaugh

Joy Jones

Carolyn Orr

Jenny Reeves-Johnson

Donna Yost

Cristin Zimmer

Relax in the comfort of your home while viewing the incredible artwork created by these two artists or visit our gallery to see it in person. We hope you are as excited about this show as we are! Select an image below to begin scrolling through the photo gallery. Most pieces in the show are available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please call Lander Art Center at 307-332-5772 or email  

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  • Sewer Pipe Deconstruction I
  • Sewer Pipe Deconstruction II
  • "Zoomorphic Vessel- Horned Vase"
  • "Zoomorphic Vessel- Horned Vase #2"
  • "Zoomorphic Vessel- Bear with Bowl"
  • "Zoomorphic Vessel- Bear"
  • "Zoomorphic Vessel- Chick"
  • Zoomorphic Vessel- Llama
  • Zoomorphic Vessel- Trout
  • Zoomorphic Vessel- Turtle
  • "Porcelain Watering Can"
  • "Porcelain Teapot 20-12"
  • "Porcelain Teapot 20-10"
  • "Porcelain Teapot 20-9"
  • "Witch Bottle Blue"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-13"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-31"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-30"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-29"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-28"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-27"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-26"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-25"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-24"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-23"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-22"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-21"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-20"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-19"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-18"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-17"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-16"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-15"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-14"
  • "Witch Bottle 20-13"
  • "Witch Bottles"
  • "Witch Pot II"
  • "Witch Pot I"
  • "Witch Pot III"
  • "Square Bowl with Carved Teardrop"
  • "Square Fluted Bowl 20-4"
  • "Square Fluted Bowl 20-2"
  • "Wave Bowl with Dots"
  • "Persistence of Memory: Childhood Myopia"
  • "Persistence of Memory: Childhood Myopia Large" (back view)
  • "Persistence of Memory: Childhood Myopia Large"
  • "Tumbler Set"
  • "Kestrel Totem"
  • "Meadowlark #2"
  • "Meadowlark #1"
  • "Tiger Lilly Lamp"
  • "Sunset in the Winds Vase"
  • "Sunset in the Winds 1-3"
  • "Aspen Vase #2"
  • "Aspen Vase #1"
  • "Four Cool Ones"
  • "It feels so good in my hands"
  • "I'm made from a plaster mold"
  • "Tea for Four"
  • "Goldie locks bowls, there's a perfect size here"
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Supported in part by a grant from the Wyoming Arts Council 


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